Dale Grimshaw Extraordinary Portraits BBC1

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For all portrait art lovers, we are super excited to announce that our very own Dale Grimshaw will appear on Extraordinary Portraits on BBC 1 episode 3
Sunday 13th March at 6.30pm. A date for your diary.
Tinie Tempah, will match members of the public with “extraordinary stories” to a selection of celebrated portrait artists who will then capture their likeness.”
“Historically, portraits have been reserved for high society. We wanted to put a spotlight on our modern-day heroes,” said Tinie – real name Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu . “Chances are they’re not going to be elite, upper-class people. They’re going to be regular, everyday people who have done something inspirational or courageous.”
We will be releasing a special edition print of the portrait Dale painted on the show on Monday 14th March at 10am