Jessica Bird

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Jessica Bird is an award-winning Scottish artist and fashion illustrator based in London.

Her work often focuses on the moving body, capturing brief moments of stillness with remarkable talent. Her spontaneous, improvised strokes bring to life the pace of the people and objects she draws. Utilising highly pigmented paint, brightly colored chalk pastel, and willow charcoal, Jessica’s intuitive hand is guided by her medium, the environment of her subjects, and her vibrant use of color.

Her figurative pieces are often drawn with a continuous blind line, focusing on the subject and not on the paper until the drawing is complete. This process liberates Jessica from expected outcomes, becoming a meditative exercise. The charcoal lines flow intuitively in time with her breath, creating a moment of pure connection between the model, artist, and page. These drawings capture a unique moment, with lines that are impossible to recreate once the moment has passed.