Box Frames

A hugely popular option for framing limited edition prints. Box frames have a deep fillet to create a space from the artwork and glass. This is to prevent the print from touching the glass and also provides an urban contemporary look for your artwork. The fillets can be either be made of wood to match your frame, or alternatively they can match the inner mount board.

Box Frames

Mount Options

There are various options to accommodate a box frame piece dependent on the artwork and your preference.

Close Mount

If you prefer to have no border around the image at all, then we can close mount it for you. For this we will hinge your artwork on an acid-free backing board of the same size using archival tapes. We will then use small fillets underneath the lip of the frame to keep the print away from the glass. This technique can also be used in our deep box frames if you prefer a wider gap.

MArtin Whatson Box frame edge to edge

Float Mounting

If you would like to display your print in its full glory, showing off its edges, then a float mount is for you. We hinge your print using archival rag tapes onto an acid-free backing board to suit match your artwork. We recommend a deep style box frame using non-reflective glass for a truly stunning finish.

Banksy frame float mount


Hover mounting

A similar process to Float mounting above, we hinge your artwork using archival rag tapes onto an acid-free foam board before attaching this to the acid-free backing board. This gives the impression of the artwork hovering off the acid- free backing board, adding depth and elegance.

Ben Eine Hovermount


Shirt Framing

We have the option to frame shirts as well as other items of clothing. This technique can vary dependent on the exact garment being framed but our friendly staff will help consult you the most appropriate method within conservation standards for it to truly stand out.

Football Shirt Framing

Canvas Frames

If you have a canvas that you would like to keep preserved from the elements, then you can frame it in a deep box frame with glass. In the example shown below, we used anti-reflective artglass which truly shows the artwork at it’s best with minimal reflections.

Another popular option for framing your canvas is to use a ‘tray frame’ which is framed without glass. This is recommended for oil paintings.

Canvas box frame under glass


MArtin Whatson Box frame edge to edge
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