A mount can really enhance and bring attention to your image, providing protection for your artwork keeping it away from the glass. We have numerous colours and mount options available and will consult with you to help you choose the best mounting option for your needs.

All mounts we use are 100% acid free and will not discolour with age

Window Mounts

Window mounts are the most traditional mounting option for framing artwork. A window mount comprises of an aperture cut out and overlaid on your artwork to keep it away from the glass. We will always hinge artwork to an acid-free backing board using conservation materials and techniques set out by the Fine Art trade guild. All of our mounting is fully archival, meaning that it will not damage your print and can be reversed at any time. All mounts can be cut to any specification and we have many different options available.

IMG_1460 copy

Float Mounting

If you would like to display your print in its full glory, showing off its edges, then a float mount is for you. We hinge your print using archival rag tapes onto an acid-free backing board to suit match your artwork. We recommend a deep style box frame using non-reflective glass for a truly stunning finish.

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Close mount

If you prefer to have no border around the image at all, then we can close mount it for you. For this we will hinge your artwork on an acid-free backing board of the same size using archival tapes. We will then use small fillets underneath the lip of the frame to keep the print away from the glass. This technique can also be used in our deep box frames if you prefer a wider gap.

If your artwork or print is not particularly valuable, then we would recommend dry mounting your print to the backing board using an adhesive film. This is a permanent process and guarantees that the print will stay perfectly flat.



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