Meeting Point Exhibition

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The Meeting Point exhibition with Matt Small, Dale Grimshaw, Blair Zaye, Skeleton Cardboard and Matt Small held at Well Hung gallery this November.

Dale Grimshaw
Dale is a dynamic artist calling on powerful emotions to fuel his creative output.  He is a master of portraying different moods and conveying a multitude of emotions through his work. His expressive style resonates as his haunting portraits deliver directness and honesty, which are often highly personal.
Matt Small 
Matt Small’s paintings are an expression of his worldview: by painting young marginalized figures of society he allows the viewer to spend time with these people in the hope that a shared a sense of humanity unrestricted by class and social boundaries will arise.
Matt Small paints directly onto found pieces of metal, bringing physical elements of the city directly into his work, whilst merging them with the human sensibilities of his subjects.
Tankpetrol creates work inspired by women’s portraits, mixed with geometric shapes and animals. Using a combination of stencils, fonts and traditional paint, Tank is comfortable working across variety of media and projects that include painting, customising, creating large scale murals, interior design and carpentry.

Blair Zaye
Zaye is a London based artist from New Zealand. His work is influenced by his own life situation and experiences. His strong beliefs about society and culture are expressed in his mix of eclectic work. Predominately known for his quanta eyes - they can be seen on various mediums as well as on the streets of East London.

Skeleton Cardboard
Skel Eton creates unique iconic cardboard characters, which impose a playful yet haunting presence. These macabre figures on one hand remind us of our own mortality and on the other show a whimsical take on our existence – like skeletons staring back at us as if laughing at the world.
Meeting point exhibition