New artists to Well Hung

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We are very excited to be working with a range of new artists; Andrew Millar, Someart, Alice Colombo & Kerry Beall stunning artworks are now available at Well Hung Gallery.

Andrew Millar’s Polaroid images are so intricately beautiful. He uses a combination of instant film, gold & silver leaf and paint to create delicately detailed collage pieces that capture a haunting mix of reality and fantasy.

Someart’s work can be found in the streets of East London and Poland. His prints and drawings are multidimensional and often obscure but we cant help being drawn to them.

Alice Colombo produces mystical collages using mixed media to create beautifully textured, vivid scenes that capture your imagination.

Kerry Beall draws free hand in ink and charcoal, merging the works together to create a finished digital piece that has depth and texture.

Check out the new works here.