Anna Rewinska aka AR

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AR is a London based artist whose work is influenced by the energy and environment of the underground electronic music scene. Her drawings skilfully illustrate narratives based upon her own personal desires, recreating dreamlike fantasies that can not be realised within the realms of normal existence….. Only dreamt about, similar to the trance like nature of being lost in the act of dancing.
She explains, “When you watch people dance like crazy to a piece of music they truly enjoy, you think that it looks quite awkward…. However when you shift your perspective and place yourself in their mind – you understand the freedom that dance has allowed them to be completely immersed in the richness of sounds and rhythms. Same as in the piece ‘Individual-Ness’… Looking from the side we see a girl, sitting on a suspended horse, however in her head, she thinks she is flying across the sky on a pegasus and nothing can stop that.”

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