Small Wonders

After a long break, we are super excited to announce our first group show in over a year – ‘Small Wonders’, an exhibition of small format artworks.

This is a brilliant opportunity for Well Hung to bring together an amazing selection of artists in one-space. With only piece shown by each artist, this offers a rare opportunity to purchase smaller pieces by well-known names and new talents working across a range of media.

We would love you to come and celebrate this very special event which takes place on Thursday 1st July – Sunday 4th July at our neighbouring gallery space Hoxton 253. The line up of artists is jaw dropping so it is an event not to miss.

Private view with refreshments on Thursday 1st July: 5pm – 9pm.

Opening day with refreshments on Saturday 3rd July: 10am – 5pm

Friday and Sunday opening times: 11am – 4pm

Please contact us at info@wellhung.co.uk to confirm your attendance and for a pre-sales PDF.

Exhibiting artists:

Alice Colombo, Aida, Andrew Millar, Angela Bell, Anna Laurini, Anna Mac, Annatomix, Ant Carver, Arturo Garcia De Heras, Ben Slow, Benjamin Irritant, Ben Rider, Carl Cashman, Carne Griffiths, Cassandra Yap, Carrie Reichardt, Chloe McCarrick, Clare Halifax, Copyright, Dale Grimshaw, Daisy Emerson, Dan Cimmermann, David Shillinglaw, Donk, Elizabeth Power, Euan Roberts, Ewan David Eason, Frea Buckler, Hannah Admaszek, Heath Kane, Hege, Hello the Mushroom, Hin, Isaac Cordal, James Green, James Klinge, Jim McElvaney, Jo Peel, Joseph Loughborough, Jonathan Lawes, Joni Belaruski, Lee Ellis, Lennie Lee, Luap, Luc Pierre, Mark McClure, Mobstr, Miss Printed, Mick Hutchings, Mr Cenz, Neon Savage, Nick Grindrod, Oli Fowler, Oliver Malin, Otto Schade, Pablo Delgado, Pang, Robert Sample, Rosie Emerson, Roshn, Ronch, Quiet British Accent, Shuby, Simon Kirk, Skeleton Cardboard, Slinkachu, SubDude, Sweet Toof, Tez, Yann Brien, Qwert.

After a long break, we are super excited to announce our first group show in over a year - ‘Small Wonders’, an exhibition of small format artworks.

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Eric Haacht, is a self taught portrait painter based in a remote part of the UK. The eighties born artist has been painting for ten years, The first portrait was painted in 2011 and since then has only painted portraits with the goal to explore a concern with the 'immediacy and the artificialness of life (and death)’ and a yearning to demonstrate that his hunch that ‘time and form are a mere ruse’. The distorted and obscured faces raise questions about our own identity and whether we outwardly project personas which do not reflect our true selves, especially so in an era where social media is so pervasive. But Haacht himself is more concerned with much broader existential questions about whether time and existence themselves are just illusions. Despite the high level of abstraction, the British painter’s works are still immediately identifiable as portraits as faces are made up of a tangled confusion of paint which has been pulled across the surface of the canvas.

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Framing Gallery

Over the past few years we've had the privilege of framing some beautiful artworks for our customers. We consult with each customer directly and help select the best framing and mounting options for their artwork. We often suggest a presentation that compliments the art to show it in it's…

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Assembly of the Gods

'Assembly of the Gods' Dale Grimshaw's much anticipated solo exhibition is now open. This amazing collection of provocative and expressive portraits have garnered much attention from the press and public alike. Our friends at inspiring city have recently interviewed Dale to get some insight about his thoughts and inspirations…

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‘Construct’ with artists; Anna Mac, Jo Hummel, Jonathan Lawes, Luc Pierre and Mark McClure. Open February 2020 The exhibition explores the notion of ‘Construct’ in the abstract form. Construct applies to the conception of artwork, the technique and the physical ‘building’ and layering of collage or paint to create…

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