Outside In

We are proud to announce our group Street Art exhibition ‘Outside In’ with artists; Ben Rider, David Shillinglaw, Donk, Hannah Adamaszek, Hello the Mushroom, Manyoly, Mobstr, Mr Cenz, My Dog Sighs, Neon Savage, Otto Schade, Rolf Carl Werner, Shuby, Skeleton Cardboard, SubDude, Sweet Toof & Zabou.

These artists have been decorating the streets of London with a staggering array of creative works, from satirical and political imagery to colourful spray painted murals. One thing they have in common is their commitment to sharing their compelling imagery with the city’s inhabitants.

‘Outside In’ brings together an eclectic mix of London’s best Street Artists working today and showcases their work in a traditional gallery format. Bringing these unique, hidden gems to the walls of Well Hung Gallery for all Street Art lovers to enjoy, under one roof.

Exclusive to the exhibition the artists will also be covering our gallery window – inside and out with their work so this will be one installation not to miss.

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London based artist David Shillinglaw graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2002, since then he has exhibited in galleries in cities across the globe such as New York, Beijing, Berlin and Istanbul.
David's folk inspired work depicts human faces, eyes, charachters and other mystical symbols. Often combined together in bright colours to create a psychedelic visual treat . Done in epic scales, wrapping buildings and walls around the world - His murals bring together the same sense of joy, adventure and curiosity that can be seen surrounding Davids life. These re-occurring motifs can be seen throughout his practise. He believes the head to be the most important part of the body because "everything happens there" and that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Brought together with other seemingly random words and symbols Davids paintings provide a unique and glorious vision of our world.

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Framing Gallery

Over the past few years we've had the privilege of framing some beautiful artworks for our customers. We consult with each customer directly and help select the best framing and mounting options for their artwork. We often suggest a presentation that compliments the art to show it in it's…

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Stroke Art Fair Munich

We are happy to announce that we are exhibiting at The Stroke Art Fair Wednesday 9th -  Sunday 13th June. This is our first overseas event and we're super excited to be sharing our stunning collection of artworks with the good folk of Munich. We are showcasing new original…

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Just Human

Well Hung are delighted to introduce ‘Just Human’ a group figurative exhibition with artists; Ant Carver, Bael, Ben Slow, Eric Haacht, Jim McElvaney and Joseph Loughborough. Celebrating the human form, Well Hung has specially curated this exhibition to showcase a selection of talented British artists who capture the human…

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