Andrew Millar

Lost Dreams is the inaugural exhibition by artist Andrew Millar at one of London’s leading urban art galleries Well Hung.

Known internationally for his beautifully intricate hand finished Polaroid collages; Millar is back with a fresh body of work that explores representations of female portraiture. Challenging both mystical and classical notions of beauty, Millar delves deep into his subjects, which often combine somber yet surreal duo-chromatic portraits. There is definite elegance to his detailed works, which make them seem like classic orthodox icons of anonymous saints or posters of forgotten movies and heroines.

Andrew has honed his technique of manipulating Polaroid films to produce visually arresting pieces. Pushing the limits and exploring the manipulative potential of this light sensitive material, Millar applies leaf of precious metals and sometimes-acrylic colour in the finishing process by hand, thereby creating a unique collage with each artwork.

In recent years Andrew Millar’s work has become increasingly popular and his talent has earned him international recognition with solo exhibitions in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, and London.


Lost Dreams Square
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Manyoly is a self-taught French painter and street artist based in Marseilles. Passionate about women, Manyoly depicts female portraits as a way of capturing their energy and expression. She explores all the facets of her personality within her paintings, which contain rich contrast. These portraits come to life with definite brush strokes and vivid explosions of colour.

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Andrew Millar Solo Exhibition

We are super excited to announce a solo exhibition with Andrew Millar on Thursday 1st March. More details to follow so watch this…

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