Inside Out – An exhibition by Anna Mac

Well Hung are thrilled to announce a debut solo exhibition by Anna Mac. Please join us on Thursday 4th November for the opening night from 5pm until 9pm.

Inside Out is an exhibition of artworks by Anna Mac. Anna Mac is a British contemporary artist living and working in Suffolk.

The Exhibition title ‘Inside Out’ echoes Anna Mac’s selected themes of the domestic sphere and urban landscapes, connecting the outside with the in.

Anna’s fascination by the world that surrounds her, led her to develop a collection of works that explore urban landscapes and interior scenes.  These scenes are visually represented as abstracted forms and planes, which are richly painted in bold earthy tones and captivating colour palettes, which strike a perfect balance between light and shade.

Anna Mac depicts the domestic sphere – interior scenes created from her imagination using objects that surround her. The same chairs feature heavily in various imagined scenes. These scenes create a strong sense of peace, tranquility and solitude.

Particularly drawn to architectural structural forms, Anna Mac experiments with visual planes and how the use block colour, light, and perspective can create urban scenes, which may also be viewed as simple abstract shapes. The details of the landscapes are abstracted and rendered in flat, vibrant natural colours reminiscent of the changing seasons.

The exhibition consists of a series of large-scale paintings and framed collages. Please join us to view the collection at 253 Hoxton Street Gallery:

Private view with refreshments on Thursday 4th November: 5pm – 9pm.

Opening day with refreshments on Saturday 6th November: 11am – 5pm

Friday opening times: 11am – 4pm

You can view the exhibition catalogue of works here.

Inside out Exhibition Anna MAc