The Abstract Show at Well Hung Gallery

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Well Hung proudly announce a group abstract art exhibition – ‘The Abstract Show’ with artists; Anna Mac, Jo Hummel Newell, Mark McClure, Morag Myerscough and Rupert Hartley.

The exhibition brings together a group of renowned abstract artists who all explore form, pattern, colour and texture in their work. Whilst their love for the abstraction unites them, their unique vision and techniques set them apart.

Expect to see bold clean shapes and pastel peeks of layered paint with delicate details by Anna Mac who creates beautifully crafted abstract paintings.

In stark contrast, Morag Mysercough creates bright, geometric, kaleidoscopic paintings on board. Morag is famous for her award winning installations transforming urban areas with colourful 3D graphics. Venturing away from creating art for public spaces is ‘an experiment’ for Morag who wants to showcase her work in smaller scale and in an intimate gallery environment.

Across the discipline of abstracted collage, Mark McClure, Jo Hummel Newell and Rupert Hartley explore various techniques to bring their concepts to life.

Mark McClure’s geometric mosaics examine themes of structure and our interaction with the built environment. His 2D artworks are composed of found reclaimed wood, which are pieced together to create dynamic, visually striking abstracted artworks.

Joanne Hummel Newell’s work combines collage, painting and installation. Her collages are charged with emotion and spontaneity, they balance order with chaos, adding a stroke of paint or juxtaposing geometric forms with softer pastel hues.

Exploring the theme of repetition and grids, Rupert Hartley paintings examine how form and line work in harmony together creating delicate paint layered artworks.Exclusive to the exhibition, Morag Mysercough will be creating bespoke installation for the window space of the gallery.

Join us on Thursday 13th September for the private view from 6pm until 9pm. The exhibition runs until 13th October.