Out of Line Exhibition

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We are delighted to announce a figurative group exhibition with renowned artists; Matt Small, Jim McElvaney, Benjamin Murphy, Joseph Loughborough, Ben Slow, and James Klinge.

The exhibition explores the different approach these artists have to depicting the human form. Bringing together a group of artists who share a fascination in people and the atmosphere their presence can create. Their interpretations and intimate depictions explore the human form; capture moments in time and challenge social prejudice.

Although these artists share a love in illustrating figurative images their styles and execution vary dramatically: –

Matt Small lives and works in London, he has spent his career capturing people from marginalized backgrounds in inner city estates and by doing so, hopes to break the barriers of social discrimination. By painting these figures, he hopes that a shared a sense of humanity, unrestricted by class and social boundaries will arise. Small uses expressive strokes of thick household paint on metal or found items bringing physical elements of the city directly into his work whilst merging them with the human sensibilities of his subjects.

Jim McElvaney lives and works in Sheffield. From floorboards to cupboard doors and makeshift canvases, Jim’s portraits emerge from the surfaces of found materials and objects. These weathered surfaces have their own unknown history just like the people depicted. And the act of making is more than just applying paint to canvas. The work is tactile and the handmade frames are crafted. The finished pieces are almost sculptural; they become objects in their own right. Jim is fascinated with the way we look at people, and the stories we create watching strangers on a bus or in the street, ‘who are they, what do they do, what are they feeling’? It’s these moments of prying contemplation and natural emotion that Jim’s work aims to capture.

Benjamin Murphy a London based graphic artist uses electrical tape, which he intricately layers to create scenes that are striking and ethereal. His artwork often contains seemingly contradictory elements that combined with the use of perspective and the eyeless figures create a discordant feeling in the viewer.

Joseph Loughborough, a British artist now living in Berlin is fascinated by human nature: sin, desire, fear and existential anxiety over one’s own absurdity. Through the theatre of emotion, sexuality and movement, Joseph’s expressive and honest body of work captures revealing and thought provoking imagery that challenges how we interpret our often-untold fears and desires.

Ben Slow is a London based artist who is passionate about bringing fine art to the streets. Slow creates distinctive and expressive portraits on canvas and as site-specific murals. He finds an exciting dynamic in the contradictory relationship between the glamorous pop images and the raw, unrefined urban context in which such icons are celebrated.

James Klinge, a Glaswegian artist has spent years mastering his the stenciling technique. He captures his subject matter beautifully using mixed media and intricate hand cut multi-layered stencils.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

Join us on Thursday 29th September for the private view from 6pm until 9.30pm. Music and refreshments will be provided, the event is open to all but please do email info@wellhung.co.uk to confirm attendance. Admission is, as always, free.